Every piece of my work is a new adventure, a new journey for me into process, meaning and exploration. I constantly learn and experiment with new techniques, seeking to master my materials, expand my vision and refine my craft from concept through execution. The real sense of meaning for me in this work is my ability to be totally authentic. Every piece has spent hours, usually quite a number of hours in my hands with my full attention on bringing it to fruition going over every little detail along the way. The final product is one that has come from my heart.  I take pride in every piece I create, in the vision I am able to imbue into the materials and the quality I’m able to bring to the craftsmanship.

When working on commission pieces for my clients I put these developed skills to use to bring your vision to life with the goal of a finish product that is informed by both the materials its made from as well as the space it is to inhabit. I’ve chosen to focus my life on the things that bring the most joy, happiness, personal fulfillment…In short, things that I love.  This is how I approach my craft and describes the energy that I bring into each and every item I make.  In a way, each and every piece represents the spirit of this concept for me and I hope it will for you as well.

- Noah

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